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Tennessee Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses

ATTENTION: TIME SENSITIVE OPPORTUNITY * Free of Charge * MTSPAN Invites you to join us

Posted 3 months ago by Chris Buck

MTSPAN Abstract Poster Workshop

Tuesday October 2, 2018

4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

719 Thompson Lane

Nashville, TN 37204

Elizabeth Card - ASPAN's Director of Research has graciously offered this workshop for the  development of abstracts which may be submitted to ASPAN for consideration for the 2019 ASPAN National Conference in Nashville, TN.

Please see the ASPAN Website www.aspan.org for submission details.

 Abstract submission deadline: October 15, 2019. 

Bring your own Laptop or Tablet

Qustions? Contact:

Elizabeth Card  ecard@aspan.org